Meet the founder of Xoxo Motherhood, Brivionna. Entrepreneur, Author, Content Creator, Consultant, and Philanthropist. After having her second child, Brivionna struggled with finding a source that could relate to her Motherhood ups and downs. From that struggle came the thought "Why not start a community for women in motherhood?"
In God's plan, that thought was manifested and Xoxo Motherhood was created. A community where women in motherhood can feel heard, have a laugh, and understand that they are not alone. With a goal to give back and provide products to women in motherhood that will reflect our mission. 
Born and raised in Dallas Texas. Brivionna is a Mother of 2 amazing children. Amarria 11 years old and Armoni 3 years old. God fearing woman that loves being a Mother, giving to others, and making people laugh. She continues to serve is Xoxo Motherhood's mission for all Woman in Motherhood.


One day there was a kid playing at the park. While running the child tripped and fell. The Mother started to rush to help but hesitated. As she watched, the kid got back up and continued to play, laughing as if nothing had happened. In that moment the mother realized something.

Motherhood can change at any moment and those circumstances may cause you to fall. It’s important to take the time and pick yourself back up, as the people you love will not always be there. You have a choice, just as the child did, to either be discouraged or get back up and live life. 

Our mission at Xoxo Motherhood is to pour love into every Woman in this journey called Motherhood.